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Rustic Luxury Homes on Costa Blanca, Spain

Foundation: Isolated footings combined with reinforced concrete brace beams.
Structure: Formed by pillars, girders, straps and unidirectional reinforced concrete slabs, based on the structural calculation and considering the CTE.

The exterior enclosure will be made of concrete block or perforated ceramic brick alternating with natural stone finishes and single-layer mortar. An 8-10 cm rock wool insulation will be placed between the outer leaf and the inner leaf and the inner leaf will be resolved either with 7 cm plastered double hollow brick or with a self-supporting laminated plasterboard backing. With this façade system we achieve thermal comfort inside with the consequent energy savings.

loped roof: single-layer waterproofing system formed by asphalt primer; bituminous sheetbitumen modified with SBS elastomers; thermal insulation based on sheets of80 mm thick extruded polystyrene (XPS), ribbed on the upper surface and with half-wood perimeter joints, mechanically fixed; ready to receive the curved tiles with mortar pellets, in the traditional way.Flat roof / solarium: walkable terrace finished with porcelain stoneware. With inverted solution: bituminous sheet protected with extruded polystyrene thermal insulation.Ground floor terraces: finished with non-slip porcelain stoneware flooring in passable areas and gravel in non-passable areas.

The interior partitions will be resolved using double 9 cm hollow ceramic brick or with laminated plasterboard partitions fixed with 70 mm metal profiles based on studs, spaced 400 mm apart, and channels. Two plates will be screwed to each side of the profile and rock wool insulation will be placed in the core, guaranteeing excellent acoustic performance. In humid areas the plate will be water-repellent.

Lacquered aluminum carpentry with thermal break CORTIZO brand or similar with Climalit type double glazing with low thermal emissivity, with the possibility of incorporating a blind box with a motorized system in bedrooms.

The finish of the staircase will be porcelain stoneware or wood if it does not have a partition. The railing system will be solved with laminated glass with the option of having stainless steel handrails.

You can choose between porcelain stoneware flooring for the entire home or floating flooring along with porcelain stoneware in the kitchen and bathrooms, a large format model to choose from.

The bathrooms will be covered with ceramic tiles, either in their entirety or with the possibility of not tiling all the walls. Suspended false ceiling with laminated plasterboard will be installed throughout the home.There is the possibility of solving the inclined floor structure with wood so that it is visible or with decorative wooden joists. The paint will be smooth plastic on vertical and horizontal walls, color to choose, with resistance to humidity in humid rooms.

Armored entrance door with three-point security lock and three anti-pry steel hinges and finish in natural or lacquered wood. The entry doors will be made of a solid MDF board finished in wood. Lacquered in white, with straight matte aluminum handle. In cases where appropriate, you can opt for interior glass doors. They will have large dimensions and, in general, will be foldable, except in those cases in which it is preferable for them to be sliding to improve the conditions of use, such as access to the kitchen from the dining room. The rooms will have modular built-in wardrobes with folding leaves with the finish chosen for the passage doors. The interior will be covered and will have shelves, a drawer module and a hanging bar, with a distribution to choose from.

Furniture consisting of high, low or column cabinets with a wood finish matte white and hidden handle. 2 cm Silestone-type quartz countertop and integrated one or two-bowl sink with single-lever faucet with removable spout and chrome finish from the MARTELLI brand and BOSCH brand appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, induction hob, oven, microwave, extractor hood, washing machine and dryer). BATHROOMS:ROCA sanitary ware models to choose from, with suspended toilets, countertop or built-in washbasin pieces that will have a supported or suspended washbasin cabinet with matte white doors with wood finish. In the bathrooms that are necessary, the bidet piece will be included. MARTELLI chrome-plated steel single-lever faucets will be installed.The shower trays will be acrylic or resin in white, with visible or built-in ROCA or MARTELLI brand faucets and a screen composed of a fixed glass panel with a chrome profile or closed screen with folding or sliding door.-The bathroom of the master suite may also have a free-standing bathtub model Alena by Roca or similar in matte white and with floor-standing taps from the same brand.The installed mirror will be variable according to the dimensions of each sink.

Electrical installation and lighting
Electrical installation according to the REBT and the CTE. Niessen, Jung brand mechanisms similar and recessed or downlight LED luminaires indoors with neutral light and hanging lamps in the kitchen and dining room offering warm light. Outside, wall spotlights will be installed on the façade and the lighting of the terraces and garden or vegetation areas will also be taken care of.

Plumbing and sanitation
Interior plumbing installation made with cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X), for the hot and cold water network with a general shut-off valve and independent shut-off valves for each wet room. The evacuation network will be made with PVC pipe, series B for the drainage network with soundproof downspouts.- TelecommunicationsTV/FM, telephone and internet connection sockets. FERMAX intercom kit or similar

The outdoor spaces will be treated, defining different types of flooring such as porcelain stoneware on terraces, the use of gravel to define the pavement with less traffic, as well as the garden areas with the planting of trees and plants. We will have a great variety of species such as olive trees, mulberry trees or cypresses; In addition to having plants such as hibiscus, oleanders, cycas or bougainvillea, among others.On the other hand, in front of the porch there will be a rectangular pool with approximate dimensions of 4 x 12 m. This front facing the pool will be south oriented with a magnificent panoramic view on the mountains.

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